rebecca-boulton-nutritional-therapist-yorkshireWho is the Hormonal Transformation for?

This is for you if you’re a professional woman who is serious about changing habits, eating choices and essentially their lifestyle, so you can reach the other side with energy, vigour and a new outlook on life.

It’s for you if you’re sick of feeling tired all the time, feel overwhelmed and are struggling with intense mood swings and food cravings.

You know that you need to make some lifestyle changes but are confused about where to start. You feel you need expert guidance to find the right diet for you and to understand how to take back control of your hormones so you can discover a vibrant new you who’s ready to take on the world.

You realise that:

•    You’re not able to get the most out of your life when you feel over-emotional, anxious and overwhelmed.

•    It’s not fair on the most precious people in your life when you’re snappy and irritable.

•    Feeling exhausted all of the time affects your work, your confidence and family life and may be costing you heavily both financially and in your personal relationships.

Instead you want to feel lighter, brighter and full of energy. Focused and alert at work and achieve all that you aim to each day. So you can concentrate on spending quality time with the people that really matter to you and have the confidence and self-esteem to live your life to the full.


Here’s what we will implement as we work together in this personalised 5 Step Programme


Digging deep to the underlying cause of symptoms so we can create the right treatment plan and get optimal results

Step Two – BALANCE

Underpinning all the other hormones, blood sugar balance is integral to optimal hormonal health and to help give us sustained energy throughout the day and reduce mid-afternoon slump and sugar cravings

Step Three – ELIMINATE

Taking out those foods that make you sluggish, bloated, zap your energy and cause unwanted weight gain

Step Four – NOURISH

Give your body the nutrients it needs to work optimally, feel calm, focused, energised and lighter


Stress reduction is integral for hormonal health and lifestyle changes can help you feel energised, reduce food cravings and be more emotionally balanced


This VIP Nutritional Consulting Programme is delivered personally by Rebecca and includes the following:

2hr Kickstart to Hormone Transformation Session We’ll dig deep into your health history and current diet and lifestyle habits and create a tailored treatment plan so you can set the foundation for hormonal balance.

Bi-weekly Private Consultations Where we can discuss your successes, challenges, plans to overcome any obstacles and I’ll support, guide and motivate you.

VIP Email Access I know you will have some burning questions in between sessions and I don’t want you to get stuck or lose your way.

This programme is delivered 1:1 via Skype so all you need is a tablet or computer, internet access and your full commitment!

You’ll also get the following exclusive bonuses

Personalised meal plans, shopping lists and Recipes These are tailored to you and your individual needs, so you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed at the supermarket and your transformation can be as painless and easy to follow as possible 

Cheat Sheets and Handouts To not only give you the information you need to help follow the plan but also educate you on your nutritional needs because knowledge is power and understanding why you make the changes is a big step towards following them for life

Exclusive Exercise Programme Designed by Celebrity Trainers Jackie and Mark Wren stars of a series of Fitness DVDs with Davina McCall


What Results Can You Expect?

No more waking up tired every morning (even after a full nights sleep)

Say goodbye to mid-afternoon naps and snoozing in front of the TV

Escape that emotional rollercoaster and horrendous mood swings

Get rid of the mental fog which leaves you unable to concentrate and focus

Eliminate food cravings that have you reaching for caffeine and sugar to get you through the day

Stop the night sweats and hot flushes which keep you awake and like the heating has been turned on full

By investing in this programme, you’ll find out the underlying cause of your hormonal symptoms and be armed with a practical plan to stop you struggling. You’ll know why you feel so imbalanced and which foods support your body and those you need to steer clear of, and have meal plans to follow based on those findings.

You’ll be able to wake up each morning feeling ready to take on the day. Feel calmer and have more mental clarity so you can leave overwhelm behind, ready to reclaim control of your body and your emotions and discover a healthier, more energised and vibrant you.


Emma Langton Emma Langton, Hypnotherapist, York

Rebecca’s Hormonal Transformation Programme is fabulous. It’s easy to fit into everyday family life and made a huge difference to me and my family. I highly recommend it.

I hit early menopause at 38 and spent 7 years trying to help myself with good food and self care. I also have two very troubled, disabled children which brought huge additional stressors. Even with all my own skills and knowledge as an anxiety therapist I still wasn’t feeling my best. I felt old and fed up. I was tired all the time and taking afternoon naps like my granny!

Rebecca is easy to talk to and it was clear she totally understood my situation and the ability to have in-depth tests on my hormones was a bonus. The weekly plans and shopping lists reduce the stress of making changes. They are adaptable to meet needs and likes or dislikes. It was so easy!

Six months on, all my family eat the meals. Many were not that different from what we ate anyway but nutrition is more balanced across the week. Some favourites are banana pancakes, fish stew, chicken and bean casserole – all dead easy to make! I have so much more energy, I’m clear headed and comfortable with how I feel. The bonus was I lost over a stone and people say how good I look. I feel fabulous!

Do not hesitate or faff around for years like I did! Invest in yourself with Rebecca’s programme. It’s totally worth it!



emma-heptonstall  Emma Heptonstall, Divorce Coach, York

Before working with Rebecca I was constantly tired and yet struggling to wind down. I’d go to bed but not sleep so I ended up on a vicious cycle of drinking coffee and eating biscuits to get through my day. My weight increased and I was miserable. I tried ‘dieting’ and it just didn’t work like it had done in my 20s and 30s. I would exercise like crazy and get disheartened that nothing would change. I would end up tired and full of cold – totally run down.

Since working with Rebecca, I’ve radically altered the way I live my life. Rebecca isn’t just about what you eat- she looks at the way you live. As many women in business may relate, I was spending hours on social media late at night. Sound familiar? Thought so! No more! Rebecca has been kind and supportive and when I still didn’t feel right, Rebecca looked again, did some tweaks and now I feel amazing- more energy, brain fog gone and I’m taking proper care of myself for the first time in a long time!

The best thing about the programme for me is that it’s a lifestyle not a diet. Her recipes are fabulous and my bible now. Rebecca understands hormonal imbalance because she’s been there and she loves to see you enjoying food rather than resenting it.  I feel like myself again, only better!

If you’re struggling emotionally, physically or gaining weight, work with Rebecca. She is kind, thoughtful and supportive. You will rediscover yourself in a way you might not think is possible! Rebecca really knows her stuff! She listens carefully and is open to investigating all your symptoms to tailor a programme that’s specific to your needs. Thank you Rebecca!

Are you ready to put yourself first and learn to treat your body with the nutritional care it deserves?

Places on this Programme are by application only. To find out more apply for a Hormone Makeover Call here.


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Terms and Conditions
*These programmes all require my personal time investment so are not backed by the usual money back guarantees I offer on my digital products BUT I give you my word that I’m fully committed to supporting you and ask that you implement what we agree upon in our sessions so you can get the most out of this programme.
*Expected results are of course individual and based on personal implementation, as well as realistic within the scope of the programme you enrolled in.