The Truth About Supplements

By Rebecca Boulton on 9th February 2017 in Blog

I get asked daily about supplements. Which the best one to take is, the dosage, what works for a specific condition. And I see post after post in facebook groups recommending specific ones with a life-changing story. And it frustrates the hell out of me!! Because it’s not as simple as that. Nutritional needs are […]

Healthy Fish Curry

By Rebecca Boulton on 3rd February 2017 in Blog | Recipes

This healthy fish curry is so flavoursome and is packed with spices and healthy ingredients. It’s a really great friday night recipe as it is easy to make and it’ll beat anything your local takeaway has to offer! Healthy Fish Curry 4 x shallots 3 cloves of garlic 1.5 cm piece of ginger 1 fresh green chilli […]

My Top #5 Sugar Alternatives

By Rebecca Boulton on 27th January 2017 in Blog

For a long time I had a love / hate relationship with sugar.  I knew I wanted to cut back on sugar as my energy levels kept crashing and my moods were all over the place, plus the sugar hangover is a killer! But I really craved the sweet stuff and had to gradually wean […]

Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

By Rebecca Boulton on 20th January 2017 in Blog | Recipes

Smoothie bowls are all the rage at the moment, and I have to admit to being a big fan. They are super quick and easy to put together, full of nutrient dense foods and feel really indulgent too. So a win all round! There are many options out there but the key thing to remember […]

#6 Things I Wish My Partner Knew About the Perimenopause

By Rebecca Boulton on 6th January 2017 in Blog

When you’re going through the perimenopause, you can feel really alone. Your body is changing, your emotions are all over the place and sometimes you just feel like screaming. You’ve probably tried to talk to your partner or husband about it, and while he’s understanding (to a point) he doesn’t really get it…..and you’re not […]

Chicken and Vegetable Stew

By Rebecca Boulton on 6th January 2017 in Blog | Recipes

It’s the time of year when you just want some warming, comforting foods and your slow cooker is your best friend! This can be cooked in the oven if you have the time, or can be whacked into the slow cooker and left to cook away while you just get on with your day. Packed […]

Nutrition Hacks for Busy Women

By Rebecca Boulton on 5th December 2016 in Blog

As busy women I know we all want to change our diets but sometimes the changes seem overwhelming and time consuming. These ‘nutrition hacks’ are all easy to add to your diet (even for the busiest of women!). 1. Extra nutritional boost added to your daily smoothie such as: – Maca powder – great for […]

Healthy Homemade Muesli

By Rebecca Boulton on 17th November 2016 in Blog | Recipes

Shop bought muesli is often full of sugar, so I prefer to make my own! This muesli is packed full of nutrients and is so easy to make you’ll wonder why you never did it before. NUTRIENT PACKED SUGAR-FREE MUESLI (Makes a pot) 3 cups of GF oats 1 cup of raisins 1 cup of […]

Clean Eating Shopping List

By Rebecca Boulton on 15th November 2016 in Blog

Clean Eating has been the buzz word for health conscious people for the last few years, but there is alot of confusion around what it actually means, what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding. To help you on this journey and to help you get past the confusion, I’ve created this […]

Root Vegetable and Kale Soup Recipe

By Rebecca Boulton on 9th November 2016 in Recipes

I made this with the vegetables I had in the fridge this weekend, and it tastes delicious! Packed with nutrients, as well as being warming and comforting on a cold day. The roasted squash really adds to the flavour! Root Vegetable and Kale Soup 1 x butternut squash 2 x carrots, chopped 1 x onion […]