Rebecca Boulton Simple and Clean Nutrition

I’m Rebecca, a Nutritional Therapist who work with busy professional mums to balance their hormones so they can feel energised, get back in control of their body and emotions and feel like themselves again!


My specialism is in hormonal balance and working with women who are lacking in energy, struggling with mood swings and other hormonal issues. I know from personal experience how overwhelming it can feel and the effect it can have on your personal, professional and family life. Not to mention your self-esteem!


So, how did I get here?

7 years ago, I was a new mum who had just gone back to work. I was tired, stressed, overwhelmed and struggling to juggle all that comes with being a working mum in a high pressured job.

I had spent the previous 10 years climbing the career ladder in the corporate IT world. I was lucky in that I had an understanding boss who allowed me to work 3 days a week but I was really not happy. The job was mentally exhausting and I was getting by on caffeine and sugar fixes through the day and falling asleep on the sofa every night. My relationship with my husband was at rock bottom as I was irritable and snappy so we were arguing a lot. Something had to give!

One day I was sat reading a magazine in a rare moment of peace and there was an article on a lady that had retrained as a Nutritional Advisor. That article changed my life!

It made me think about what I was eating and the effect it had on my body. I started to eat better and pay more attention to what I was feeding both myself and my daughter. I had more energy, less mood swings and was sleeping better. It was a revelation! I had kept the article and kept going back to it and started to think how much I would love to do that. Never one to let an opportunity pass me by, I looked into courses in Nutrition and discovered Nutritional Therapy…..within 48 hours I had interviews booked and 2 weeks later I was offered a place on the course and I went on to get a Postgraduate Diploma.

I was still working in my job, had a young daughter and by that point was a single mum so it was hard work but I loved it and spent all my evenings reading up and studying.

After I qualified, I set up my own business and as my daughter was in school by that time (and I had a new partner and a son who was at nursery), I worked a couple of mornings a week in the local Therapy Centre seeing clients there. Being made redundant meant I could work on the business fulltime and the last couple of years it has really taken off and now I work with women online all over the UK.


And that is why I do what I do. To show other women how they can get their energy back, feel like themselves again, enjoy time with their family and not be just chugging along through daily life feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed.


If you’re ready to get your life back on track, stop falling asleep on the sofa and feel 100% better than you do right now, then click here to find out more about working with me and how I can help you do that by balancing your hormones naturally.