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Balance Hormones Naturally

Do you feel out of control of your body and emotions? You never know how you are going to feel? You have no energy and are so tired all the time?

Then you are in the right place!

Hello! I’m Rebecca Boulton, and as a Nutritional Therapist I help busy women like you to take back that control.

To find out what is going on with your hormones and what you need to do to get them back in balance. Then support, motivate and guide you in making those changes naturally so you can feel happier, healthier and energised.

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What Causes Brain Fog?

health care, pain, stress and people concept - middle aged woman suffering from headache at home

Are you struggling to focus and concentrate, have difficulty with your short term memory and feel confused and in a mental fog? You go upstairs and forget what for, you find things in the fridge that should be in the store cupboard and you lose your train of thought mid-conversation. But what are the reasons […]

Top #5 Hormone Balancing Breakfasts [Video]

Batido rojo detox

You’ve heard the saying that ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and I have to admit that for years it was the meal I used to regularly skip as I never really fancied eating it. Now though it’s my favourite meal and it’s all about WHAT you have! No more boring toast […]

Butternut Squash Dhal

Pumpkin curry with chick-peas

I am a huge fan of curries and they are a great way to get lots of vegetables in and are so flavoursome, and this one is no different. Definitely one for your next Meat-free Monday! Butternut Squash Dhal 2 small onions coconut oil 200g quick-cook yellow split peas 800g butternut squash 1 tsp coriander seeds […]

“I am so enjoying working with Rebecca on overhauling my nutrition and family eating habits. Rebecca is easy to talk to and really understands the pressures of cooking for a family. The meals plans are easy to follow and the recipes are simple, tasty and really work for a family, we now have some new favourites, and I don’t plan to go back to our old ways at all. I have learnt so much, especially that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. I feel so much better, my IBS and bloating has settled down and we are looking at my hormonal fluctuations and incorporating foods into my diet that can help as I approach the menopause. But Rebecca also helps with other factors like how to beat stress and offers practical ideas to help with the challenges of everyday life. Really worth every penny!"

Michelle Green, Marlow
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